Vidéo webzine

How video boosts a webzine

Citizen Press has successfully helped the French Medical College to dust off its image. This communication strategy includes pedagogic contents and motion design video.

Sarah, you coordinated the implementation of the Medical College webzine. Who is this customer and what are his concerns ?
The French Medical College (Conseil national de l’Ordre des médecins) comprises 260 000 doctors. Today, this institution wish to rejuvenate and reenergise its image in order to better cater the needs of a new generation of doctors. At the moment, doctors in France are on average 51.4 years old but the 35-49 years old bracket makes up for 35% of the total.

How did the agency managed this challenge ?
We’ve suggested to conceive a digital ecosystem including an Internet magazine (« webzine »). This webzine is published on the Medical College website and can be posted on the institution’s social media, in particular Twitter. The aim is to improve information access on practical topics, and yet related to its members’ concerns.
The webzines feature general interest subjects in order to broadcast information (and to make it as viral as possible). The most popular contents were the issues relating to « health and climate change » and « Health and personal data ». Thanks to this ecosystem, The Medical College website frequentation dramatically increased.

Why is this webzine innovative ?
In order to further energise the message, we have decided to use a video as the first point of contact of each of the webzines, featured not only on its corporate website but also on some private YouTube pages. With a motion design format, lasting no longer than 90 seconds, videos put forward some basic facts and figures. The reader would then be able to develop further by visiting the webzine. The short format itself means that the video can be easily shared through social media networks.

How did this strategy prove itself efficient ?
In the end, not only did this new tool manage to rouse doctors’ interest but it also helped to attract a wider audience. Several leading medical trade publications in France like Le Quotidien du médecin, le Généraliste noted the change of direction of the Medical College. Doctors have also been very responsive to this change of tone. According to a recent readership survey, 85% have declared to be very satisfied with the format. And 81% have stated that it was fully relevant to their needs !